Even through all of the modern advancements in dentistry today, still one of the best options that you as a patient have in our office, is to choose gold. The gold is used to replace only the portion of your tooth that has been decayed or previously filled with another type of filling material like metal amalgam or plastic resin.  The example below shows two minimally invasive gold inlays:


Why would I put gold in my teeth?

  1. Because it is the most durable AND long term dental filling (restoration) that anyone can choose for their teeth.
  2. It is an extremely safe material. Being a noble metal, gold will never corrode in the mouth and will maintain its perfect composition through the harsh environment that the mouth presents.


If you don’t like having fillings done, then choosing an option that lasts a long time may be good for you. You may not consider gold very aesthetic but at the back of the mouth, no one will ever really see it.


How long will it last?

Gold will beat out any other material that we use in dentistry today. On average, they can last 20-30 years and sometimes even over 40 years! That is certainly our goal for you and your teeth and this is why still today it is considered the best filling material if you value the concept of minimally invasive dentistry.


What is the gold inlay process?

The process for a gold inlay involves two appointments. At the first visit, after the anaesthetic injection, the cavity in the tooth is cleaned out and prepared. A mould of the tooth and those opposing it in the other jaw is then taken and sent to a dental technician who makes the gold inlay. A temporary inlay is made by your dentist so that you may chew normally while the permanent one is being created. The patient returns about two weeks later, and the new permanent gold inlay is cemented in place and the bite checked.

Some other examples of these small jewels finished and polished:





Please refer to this link for more scientific reading on gold as a LONG TERM choice for your teeth.



Blog written by Dr. Taras Konanec

Jan 2,2018


Dr. Konanec is a member of the R.V. Tucker gold inlay study club of Montreal and is a part time faculty lecturer at McGill University Faculty of Dentistry